Project overview

The nRF Asset Tracker enables developers to set up a real-world IoT solution using one of the supported cloud providers and adapt the example firmware and software to fit their use case.


Developers are expected to have experience in developing solutions with the respective cloud provider. The nRF Asset Tracker is designed for developers who require a head start on setting up the cloud provider for Nordic devices and want to modify the solution according to their specific needs. The nRF Asset Tracker is not a turn-key software-as-a-service solution. It comes with additional costs and there will be future maintenance efforts.

The nRF Asset Tracker aims to provide answers and recommend best practices to the following questions:

  • How can you connect Nordic’s cellular IoT chips to a specific cloud provider?

  • How do devices send data to the cloud?

  • How does the cloud send the data back to the devices?

  • How can authenticated users and other services interact with the devices?

  • How can you upgrade the application firmware of devices while they are deployed in the field?

  • How can you develop a cellular IoT product that maximizes battery life, minimizes data usage, and gracefully handles unreliable connectivity?


Development progress is managed in the nRF Asset Tracker development GitHub project.