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How to create a new app for nRF Connect for Desktop

First make sure, all the needed prerequisites are met.

Create new app project

  1. Choose a template for the new project: While you could start out with a blank Node.js project, we recommend to begin with pc-nrfconnect-boilerplate. You could also begin with a more full fledged project like a pc-nrfconnect-ble or a smaller one like pc-nrfconnect-rssi and strip out what you do not need, but our recommendation is to just look at these for reference. If you choose something different than using pc-nrfconnect-boilerplate, then adjust the next step accordingly.

  2. Clone pc-nrfconnect-boilerplate under the ~/.nrfconnect-apps/local directory. In a terminal on Linux/macOS or Git bash on Windows:

    cd $HOME/.nrfconnect-apps/local
    git clone pc-nrfconnect-myapp
    cd pc-nrfconnect-myapp
    rm -rf .git

    If you prefer it, you can also create the project directory anywhere else and create a symbolic link from ~/.nrfconnect-apps/local to the project directory.

  3. Modify relevant properties in package.json. At least consider changing:

    • name
    • displayName
    • description
    • homepage
    • version
    • author
    • license
    • repository.url

Next steps

You now have everything set up for everyday app development, so read up about that. Then change the implementation in index.tsx to adjust the behavior of the app.

Read the further documentation beginning with the API reference and source code of the official apps to get a more thorough understanding of how apps work.