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Installing local apps

When you start a freshly installed nRF Connect for Desktop, it shows a list of all apps officially supported by Nordic Semiconductors. But if developers create new apps or new versions, they can also create a developer bundle of an app consisting of a file like pc-nrfconnect-boilerplate-0.0.1.tgz which users then can install manually:

  1. Copy the file to %USERPROFILE%\.nrfconnect-apps\local (Windows) or $HOME/.nrfconnect-apps/local (Linux/macOS).
  2. Restart nRF Connect for Desktop. The app should now appear in the apps list.

    Please note: If the app has the same name as an official app, it now appears twice in the list. You can differentiate the two by the label below it: One says “official”, while the other one is “local”:

    nRF Connect for Desktop launcher showing two entries for the RSSI app, with arrows pointing to the different labels "local" and "official" below it